Hester V75
2. Aug
Main stage
  • Day 3
  • Music

The new princes of the Bergen rap-scene, Hester V75, came out blasting in 2014 with their EP “Hest e Best” and quickly gained local and regional fame with their silky smooth vocals, impeccable style and inner city Bergen-accent, yet again putting the coastal town of Bergen at the center of Norwegian rap.


In 2016 they followed up with their anticipated debut album “115 Drømmer”, before excelling into national stardom with their second album “Baby eg har et problem”. At the top of their career they closed the circle with their third and last album “Dolce Vita” in 2019, topping it off with a last performance at Trevarefest the same summer before going into hibernation. (it was actually 2018, but sounds better hehe). Since then four years have passed where the group has done individual and personal projects, and it is with much nostalgia and excitement we welcome the boys back to the stage under the midnight sun for “allsang” to hits like “Sånn eg holder på”, “Baby ta meg”, “Syv til fem” and more!