1. Aug
1st floor
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Sissel Gran and Lone Frank will open this year’s daytime program, with an hour long talk about life’s greatest subjects: LOVE AND LUST.

Sissel Gran is one of Norway’s leading psychologists and a pioneer in her field. She has released several books on the dynamics of love, and has her own podcast called “Kjærlighetspodden” together with Cathrin Sagen. She frequently writes articles and essays published in Norwegian newspapers, and is to be regarded as the most important public voice in Norway when it comes to highlighting the tendencies and challenges of love and companionship in the age of social media and dating apps.

Lone Frank 
is an award winning Danish science journalist and author, who last year released her book: “Størst av alt – om kjærlighetens natur” where she both on a personal level, and on a scientific level, explores what love really is. She has a Ph.D. in neurobiology and is a well-known voice in debates about science, technology and society. Lone Frank has written for leading international publications such as Science, Nature Biotechnology, New Scientist and Newsweek and she regularly appears as a commentator on Danish radio and television.

We are very excited to have both of them with us this year. We expect a fascinating discussion where we get to pick the brains of these two knowledgeable women, and dive deeply into the subject of love, lust and relationships.