TALK: Sexuality and new gender norms – Margrete Aasland – Wednesday
2. Aug
Hermetikken 1st floor
  • Culture
  • Day 3

Let’s talk about sex!


What is good sex?
How does sex stay fun and interesting in a relationship?
What is masculinity and femininity in today’s spectrum of physical and emotional constellations?
How does social media and porn affect our impression of our own and other’s sexual relationships?
Why do some voluntarily not have sex?


Therapist and sexologist, Margrete Wiede Aasland, joins us to try to answer these questions and more on Wednesday 2nd of August.


There will also be a “question box” for those of us who have questions to the hosts, but maybe don’t want to ask in public.

More info coming soon!


This talk will be held in Norwegian.


NB! The activity is only open for festival audience with festival pass or day pass for the same day.