3. Aug
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Thomas Hylland Eriksen is a professor of social anthropology at the University of Oslo. He has a 30 year long career behind him in the field, and in his own words he is motivated by a triple concern: to understand the present world, to understand what it means to be human, and to help bring about social and environmental change.

Back in 2001, he released what today is to be regarded as a modern day popular science classic: Tyranny of the moment (2001), where he put into words the feeling that was growing on all of us: That our everyday technology not only makes life easier, but also enslaves us. 20 years later the smartphone has completely changed the landscape, and reinforced this feeling massively. It is our greatest friend and our fiercest enemy.

Last year Hylland Eriksen therefore released what may be seen as a sequel to Tyranny of the moment: Appenes Planet/The planet of the apps (2021), where he with curiosity reflects on how the smartphone has changed the world, the way we behave, act and think. We are very excited to have this brilliant man with us at this year’s festival, and look forward to an hour-long talk, where we get to reflect with him on the challenges and paradoxes we face when using technology.

Universitetet i Oslo feirer 210 år og inviterer til festival 31.august - 2.september om hvordan vi omstiller oss til et bærekraftig samfunn. Hva skjer med demokratiet vårt, klarer vi å ta vare på kloden og hva lærte vi av pandemien om oss selv og samfunnet?