Free Diving w/Tarevoktere – Tuesday
30. Jul
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  • Day 2

Free Diving w/Tarevokterne (10:00-13:00) – 250,-


Together with our friends from Tarevoktere and Lofoten Undervannsklubb, we’ll explore the turquoise waters around Henningsvær near Festvågtind. Since October 2023, they have been restoring an underwater island from the invasion of sea urchin overgrazing to a new blooming kelp forest – and they can’t wait to show you!

Tarevoktere will be present to tell you all about the challenges the kelp forest are facing in Northern Norway. Lofoten Undervannsklubb, with their instructors, will safely guide you through the free diving experience and provide necessary equipment for all participants.


Time: Tuesday July 30th, 10:00-13:00
Meet- up: Festival entrance
Capacity: 10 spots


NB! The activity is only open for festival audience with festival pass or day pass for the same day.