To ensure you the best possible experience at Trevarefest 2024 we have the following tickets available:


Full festival pass for Trevarefest 2024 includes all concerts and all club program for the full length of the festival (29.-31.07.) to ensure the proper Trevarefest experience! NB! Festival passes are sold out!


This year we sell a limited amount of concert tickets for each individual day at Trevarefest. These ticket gives access to each day’s outdoor concerts at Trevarefest until 23.00. Concert tickets need to be bought individually for each day at Trevarefest.

Concert days & Line-up:


MONDAY 29th of July:

  1. Kristian Kristensen (18.00)
  2. Tigerstate (19.30)
  3. Son Mieux (21.30)

TUESDAY 30th of July:

  1. Pikekyss (18.00)
  2. Anna of the North (20.00)
  3. TBA (21.45)

WEDNESDAY 31st of July:

  1. Charlie Skien (18.00)
  2. Hubbabubbaklubb (20.00)
  3. Michelle Ullestad (21.45)


Important! Concert tickets do not give access to indoor club program after 23.00. Access to our club program requires a Festival Pass.

Traveling to Lofoten and Henningsvær

Getting to Henningsvær from around Lofoten is fairly easy. Traveling by bus you will spend around 40 minutes from Svolvær, 60 minutes from Leknes, 2,5 hours from Moskenes or 2,5 hours from Evenes Airport. There are affordable public busses driving all around Lofoten every day. Through this travel planner you will find all the information you need. Tickets are easily purchased through the app > Billett Nordland or onboard the busses (slightly more expensive).


In addition there are affordable daily public buses between Svolvær and Henningsvær: Use this travel planer for public buses in Lofoten.



The larger task is getting to Lofoten in the first place. We recommend traveling by train or by car if you have the possibility to (preferably electric; there are great charging opportunities all along the coast). The drive north is one of the most scenic in the world – passing natural and cultural heritage sites left and right – it is truly an experience of a lifetime. The train north also passes some magical scenery, with the added benefit of being able to kick-back with a book, podcast or the TF24-playlist, to get into the right festival mood.


There is a train option from Oslo to Bodø via Trondheim. We recommend day-time train to Trondheim, and night train to Bodø (the longest stretch). From Bodø, you can either take the passenger boat to Svolvær or the ferry to Moskenes, with bus connection to Henningsvær. With the last latter option allowing you to travel through half of Lofoten on your way to Henningsvær.


There is also a very “trans-siberiansque” 18 hour night train ride from Stockholm to Narvik. It’s often the cheapest and most convenient train option to Lofoten.


If you are arriving by air plane, the nearest airport is Svolvær, Leknes and Harstad/Narvik (EVE), with Svolvær being the one closest by, then Leknes and furthest away is Harstad/Narvik (EVE) – which also is the cheapest destination to fly to. All the airports have bus connections to Svolvær and Henningsvær. has daily shuttles between Evenes Airport and Svolvær – one can also take the public Line 300 from Evenes Airport to Svolvær; Billett Nordland-app or plan your trip through the ReisNordland-travel-planner.


More information about camping, transportation during festival, activities and so on will follow!