Join the volunteer team at Trevarefest 2024

Trevarefest is nothing without volunteers and soon we are opening volunteer positions for Trevarefest 2024! Do you want to join our team and make a fantastic festival? Bring a friend, your smile, a pair of good shoes and we’ll make this summer’s best festival together.


Why volunteer?

Since 2017 Trevarefest has brought together people from all over the world to share the love for music – surrounded by the ocean, mountains and the midnight sun. Already from the start, we were lucky enough to have people like you, who wanted to contribute to making a music festival in a small fishing village in Northern Norway possible. Trevarefest would never have been such a success without its volunteers.


By volunteering you get a unique experience to be a part of a community – whether you sign up alone or with someone you know from before. In the volunteer-family we look out for each other, laugh together and work hard together in order to create something beautiful.


We wish everyone welcome to volunteer together with us, regardless where you’re from or what life experiences you have. The only thing you need is the will to contribute to making Trevarefest 2024 possible.

What do I get as a volunteer?

–  Festivalpass to Trevarefest 2024 (3 days)
–  A volunteer t-shirt
–  A fantastic festival experience
–  Food at work
–  Work experience
–  New friends and a lot of good memories

What can I do?

We have different teams during the festival. Choose three categories when you register. We will try to give you one of your wishes, but can’t guarantee it. If you have any experience or already have an agreement with one of our team leaders you need to write it in your registration.


Please note that Trevarefest is a quite small festival and we all help each other out as one big team – so the tasks and assignments ​​can differ from the description below. 


The host and safety crew are responsible for the festival people’s well-being, service and safety. Here you will make sure that the audience feels safe and sound during the festival days. Your job will be checking tickets and keeping an eye on everything happening. A perfect job if you like people and also like to keep an overview over what’s going on. Shifting between tasks and handling possible stressful situations is a plus.


Do you love Lofotpils and festival food? Do you like to serve food and drinks fast and with a smile on your face? Yes? Then Trevarefest’s food and bar crew is a perfect match for you. Experience from serving food or beer is definitely nice to have, but not a must at all. We will give you the training you need.


We need to transport a lot of people, bits and bobs back and forth before, during and after the festival. That’s why we need a team of drivers to make sure everything runs smoothly. You need a manual drivers license to choose this category. We are also looking for people with a trailor license. The shifts can be at all times of the day, so be prepared!


It takes a strong arena crew to build up and tear down the whole festival in just a few days. Maybe you are handy and like to build things together? Or maybe just want to be a part of packing everything up after 3 amazing festival days? By choosing this crew we need you to be available two days before the festival starts and one day after the festival is over.


Are you studying to become a paramedic, nurse or doctor? Or have you volunteered for the Norwegian Red Cross or similar and feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations? Do you want some work experience, but not sweat away inside a damp hospital all day long? Then the Health Crew is for you! 


As a stage hand crew you contribute to make sure that everything that goes on backstage works well. During the festival, there’s a lot of artists that will go on and off stage, and your job will be to make the transitions as smooth as possible, giving them a helping hand when they go on stage, and a high five when they go off.


Be a part of the crew hosting the ticket & information booth and selling merch for the festival, Trevarefabrikken and the artists during the festival. If you like talking with people and like a little bit of control this job will be a good match.


Help create the visual ambiance and atmosphere of Trevarefest by assisting in the decoration team! A few days before the festival we will be transforming the factory and it’s surrounding areas into a festival site. We need your help to paint signs, make decorations, rigging and decorating the areas both inside and outside. By choosing this crew we need you to be available two days before the festival starts and one day after the festival is over.


For the first time in Trevarefest-history we will have an official camping-area by Festvåg! As a part of the camp crew, you will contribute to making the area look nice, make sure that everyone is feeling well and helping to minimize our impact on the area.


We need to take care of our environment. With the sea as our closest neighbour, waste and recycling is important for us. Be a part of the team that keeps the festival area clean and tidy and helps mother earth.


Do you wish to get a better look into the production of a festival and the music industry? To be a Trevare Hero means bigger responsibilities and to work closely with the festival administration. Is that you? Then be sure to pick the Trevare Hero category  as your nr 1 priority in the form!


There are a lot of other tasks and categories during the festival. If you have a lot of experience from festival working or something you really would like to help out with – you can choose this category and tell us what you want to do. We also need a couple of artist hosts, volunteer hosts etc. PS: You should have a driver’s license to choose this category.

What do I need to do? And what does Trevarefest expect of me?

By registering to become a volunteer, you automatically accept the volunteer contract. Please read it through before submitting your application. As a Trevarefest volunteer  we need you to meet up on time for your shift, sober and hopefully with a smile. Just do your best at work and ask if you have questions. You don’t need any volunteer experience to join our team, we’ll teach you everything you need to know. But if you have any experience please write it in our registration form.


–  Work two shifts of 8 hours (ish) during the festival.
Please note that the shifts are longer for arena rig before and after the festival.
–  Be sober at work
–  Do your assigned tasks and contribute where needed


NOTE! We sadly cannot accommodate all of our volunteers during Trevarefest. We are looking into a cheaper accommodation alternative for you all though. More info about this will be sent out in April/May.

The first deadline for volunteer sign up was 1st of March 2024, but we have now opened a waitlist for those still interested in volunteering at the festival this year. Deadline for signing up on the waitlist is 30. April 2024.

If you have any questions, send us an email to

*All volunteers must be 18 or over