Yoga – Morning Flow (Wednesday)
31. Jul
Trandamperiet (3rd floor)
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  • Day 3

Yoga: Morning Flow – a morning yoga escape (09:00-10:00) – 200,-

Escape into a serene yoga class amidst the festival’s vibrant energy. This morning practice offers a tranquil refuge to reconnect with your breath, body, and the present moment. The yoga will be held in English. Remember that you need a concert ticket or a festival pass to attend any of the activities during Trevarefest 2024.


Time: Monday July 29th, 09:00-10.00

Meet-up: Yoga-room: in Trandamperiet 3rd floor. Walk from seaside up the wooden staircase to the 2nd floor entrance and continue the internal staircase to the 3rd floor.


The yoga will be held in English.


Capacity: 16 spots

NB! Limited capacity and pre-booking is mandatory. The activity is only open for festival audience with festival pass or daily concert pass for the same day.